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Legal & Legislation

Running an independent retail outlet requires an excellent working knowledge of certain legal practices and trading laws. Files are in Downloadable PDF format.
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Retailers Operations Manual

The attached Retailers Operations Manual outlines key information for all retailers, as follows:

Health & Safety
Risk Management
Retail Operations

Retailer Operations Manual

SGF Updates

August 2011 SGF Update
September 2011 SGF Update
27 January 2012 SGF Update
09 March 2012 SGF Update
06 April 2012 SGF Update
27 April 2012 SGF Update
1 June 2012 SGF Update
15 June 2012 SGF Update

Alcohol Act

Alcohol Act PDF

To Sell or Not to Sell

The Retailers Guide to Selling Age Restricted Products

As a major player in the convenience retail sector, it’s your responsibility to ensure you operate in a professional and legal manner. The aim of this document is to ensure you understand your responsibilities, maintain your personal safety and can comply with the law.

The Retailer’s Guide To Selling Age Restricted Products

Plain Packaging Consultation

Say NO To Plain Packs

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